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About us

We are a company with experience in the flower export market worldwide. Our main focus is to provide advice and support to final and corporate clients with the process of purchasing and sending flowers to anywhere in the world, offering always the best quality and varieties. Strategic alliances with farms in Ecuador,Colombia ,Kenya which allows us to establish a long-term commitment and relationship, and to provide each client with the security of good service and quality products.


Know - how

 We have extensive experience in the field of logistics, sales and supply, our employees have worked in these industries over the past 10 years. This experience allowed us to identify areas that still need improvement. KNL Flores is the result of these improvements.


Products quality

We know that quality and consistency are very important factors in every part of our business. All our flowers have been selected for their exceptional quality and consistency in production. Therefore, working with us, you can be sure that finally only the best flowers will reach you.

Our mission

KNL FLORES is helping people and businesses throughout the world to reach their full potential. We are giving  companies the support they need to develop their services ensuring growth to our mutual benefit.  


We offer transparency, honesty and loyalty. Let us represent YOU in a clear and defined environment to both maximise your and our impact.


Flora Holland, Legmeerdijk 313,
1431 GB Aalsmeer, Netherlands,
Gate B7. dock 048-024, loc.C077-56, (flowers auction North)

+31 614 896 185